Black Powder Solvent is a product designed to provide black powder shooters with advantages not previously available in a single product. Black Powder solvent is a specialty blend containing naturally derived solvents, surfactants, lubricants and rust inhibitors all in a single pleasant smelling liquid that was formulated with you and your environment in mind. The surfactants and solvents used in Black Powder Solvent are much more effective than traditional soaps and are 100% biodegradable. These surfactants were chosen specifically for black powder residues which differ in particle size from typical smokeless powder residues. Black Powder Solvent is a quick acting cleaning solution that penetrates and suspends black powder residues, lubes, and corrosive salts for fast and thorough removal. Unlike other products Black Powder Solvent leaves behind a layer of lubricant and rust inhibiting compounds to both condition the bore and prevent corrosion

Price: £25.80

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