Hardy Gen VI Compact Suppressor 6mm.

Had less than 200 rounds thru it (197 exactly)

The best suppressor out there for “length past muzzle vs dB reduction” and one of the best for “weight vs dB reduction”.

Thread is standard M18

Muzzle forward 80mm

Over barrel 120mm

Weight 290 grams

Outside diameter 44.5mm

Has a bit of wear off the paint at exit end due to storage (see pics)

Bushing fits a standard Tikka T3 barrel (17mm) or similar taper. Can be rebushed to fit any barrel.

A genuine 24-25 Db reduction.
Gen 6 Compact suppressor. All non-magnum calibres. 223 to 30-06 etc

We have done a lot of testing with the Gen 6 suppressor core. What we have created is a suppressor that adds a very short amount to the length of your rifle but still achieves a very impressive amount of decibel reduction. So much so that we haven’t been able to find another suppressor on the domestic or international market that preforms as efficiently over such a small added length.
They were designed to be the most practical hunting suppressor available on the market and we believe they fit this category flawlessly.


Price: £290.00

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