Partridge eggs 92p
Pheasant eggs 62p

Day old pheasants £1.28
Day old red leg partridges £1.56
Day old ducks £1.20

Poults available please call for a quote.

For all Enquiries and orders contact Peter on

Box Tree Game Farm specialises in producing the best quality game birds and ducks to the shooting industry. Red legged partridge and pheasant day olds are all from closed flocks which have been vet blood tested ok. These are available from weeks 19,20,21,22,23,24 and 25.All our birds are healthy, vigorous and are all grass reared.

Free delivery and inspection welcome. For more information either call Peter on 07788587900 or 01449 740463 or email info@mallardbarn.com

Our pheasant poults are reared on new grass each year and will come to your shoot as well feathered healthy and hardy birds. We can supply any breed of pheasant to suit your shoot.

Our Red Leg and Grey partridges are also reared on fresh grass so that they can be delivered having been properly hardened off with full colouring of legs and feathers oiled up.

Duck poults are reared initially in sheds but are allowed out into larger outdoor pens with ponds at two weeks so they are ready to withstand poor weather if necessary when released.

All pheasant, partridge and duck poults can be delivered to your shoot free of charge and this service is nationwide.

We have a large hatchery and from that we can supply day old pheasants and partridges. Collection and delivery occur on the same day as hatching so birds can start feeding and drinking immediately thus avoiding dehydration.

Pheasant and partridge eggs and day old Mallard are available plus custom hatching service of customer’s own eggs.

We are keen to expand this business so our prices are exceedingly competitive and great value for money. Our aim is to supply the very best quality birds and to add new clients to our group of already happy customers.

Game Supplies For Your Shoot

  • Quality game birds and ducks – poults delivered to your shoot free of charge.
  • Only well feathered, healthy, hardy birds supplied.
  • Pheasant, partridge and day old Mallard eggs available plus custom hatching.