Bore Tech’s ELIMINATOR is the patent pending bore cleaner that has taken the shooting industry by storm. As a result of advanced chemical research, ELIMINATOR surpasses the rigorous demands of the modem day shooter and is environmentally safe.

Corrosive Residue

Barrel Safe
Odour Free

ELIMINATOR’s proprietary formulation is accomplished through a new combination of chemicals never before introduced to the shooting industry. ELIMINATOR has the ability to simultaneously cut through the layers of carbon and copper fouling that have accumulated on the barrel‘s wall with each shot fired.

ELIMINATOR begins its assault on fouling by chemically loosening and releasing carbon deposits from the barrel’s surface. ELIMINATOR utilizes a blend of chemical surfactants that break-up and remove carbon deposits with ease. No tedious brushing and patching needed, even on stubborn build-up.

In a two step process, ELIMINATOR first breaks down the copper by reconfiguring its electronic state. Then, by a specially developed binding agent, ELIMINATOR acts like a magnet and selectively attracts and captures the copper in a suspended form rendering it unable to redeposit in the firearms bore. The continued rapid and complete extraction of any remaining carbon and copper progresses and cleans unimpeded, undiluted, full strength without becoming saturated with carbon and copper molecules.

Another benefit of ELIMINATOR is it also contains a rust preventative, which shields and conditions the firearms bore after cleaning. Just dampen your last patch with ELIMINATOR and your bore is protected from rust and corrosion.

Whether your barrel is steel, stainless steel, or lined, ELIMINATOR is 100% SAFE for an infinite period of time.

Bore Tech‘s ELIMINATOR is without a doubt the premier, state of the art bore cleaner that quickly eliminates carbon and copper fouling without the hazards, toxicity, and odours found in competitive based cleaners. You can trust Bore Tech to put this much attention and detail into a product. No “Snake Oil” here.

Price: £22.50

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