The Hornady Superformance Series of ammunition is designed to quickly and efficiently dispatch varmints. This .204 Ruger features a 40 grain V-Max that is being driven at a blistering 3900 feet per second for a flatter trajectory, less time in air, and increased range while still providing devastating terminal ballistics on small game. It features the industry leading polymer tipped V-Max bullet that comes with a ton of advantages including reliable feeding, match grade accuracy, and better expansion in soft targets. Upon impact, the polymer tip gets pressed into the hollow point for rapid expansion and fragmentation. Whether your loading up an AR pattern rifle or a bolt action, Hornady Superformance 204 Ruger ammunition should be in your magazine.


  • 40 Grain V-Max bullet
  • Polymer tipped hollow point
  • Flat trajectory
  • Match grade accuracy
  • High velocity
Price: £26.00

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