“SIG SAUER air pistols, air rifles and accessories are engineered to elevate airguns to a new standard of performance.”

This latest air pistol from Sig Sauer is based on their ever popular X5 model.

Utilising many of the same parts and built to the same exacting standard of the live firing model, the X5 from Sig Sauer is built to last. The X5 is made with a precision barrel that is made from tightly rifled steel and ensures that the pistol is incredibly accurate with appreciable power and range, ideal for target shooting.

The X5 comes complete with a 20 round magazine that wil empty as fast as you can pull the trigger thanks to the Sigs semi automatic action.

The pistol is available in either Black or Silver.

Type: CO2
Barrel: Standard
Condition: New
Calibre: .177
Price: £180.00

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