Stalon sound moderator

VICTOR is a brand new suppressor from STALON, smaller and lighter but with great performance. VICTOR is primarily for smaller calibers from .22 – 6,5mm but even for .308 Win. In comparison with the W-series VICTOR is lighter, and thinner with a diameter of 41mm. The suppressor is made crafted in a single piece and has no interchangeable front-module. VICTOR is the natural successor of the Compact-series and will be released in two versions VICTOR and the extended version VICTOR-L.

Made from high quality hard anodized aluminium, thread-inserts and most exposed inner parts are reinforced and made of stainless steel. Available in a wide range of threads.

Technical Data:

  • Diameter: 41 mm
  • Weight: 325 g
  • Length: 258 mm
    Length from muzzle: 163 mm
  • Sound reduction: approx. 32,5 dB (tested in cal. .308)
Price: £317.00

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